Susan Petang


Certified Transformational Life Coach



  • Corporate Training and Management

Professional Accomplishments

  • Author of the Quiet Zone - Mindful Stress Management for Everyday People


  • IACC certification and Life Coaching


Susan Petang is a Certified Mindful Stress Management & Transformational Life Coach, and author of The Quiet Zone - Mindful Stress Management for Everyday People. The Quiet Zone Coaching program was born from her own triumph over anxiety.

With over 30 years of corporate training, coaching, and mentoring, the result is an effective protocol for transforming our outlook on daily life, using neuroplasticity and proven psychology.

I'm a Generalized Anxiety Disorder survivor. After starting my professional life in sales, I quickly moved up to Management and Training. My GAD, however, caused me so many problems - I was stressed out all the time! The corporate world demands "more" and "better," and I became a wreck. My personal life was affected, too - my decisions were all based on maintaining a feeling of being "safe" or "happy."

I decided to drop out of the corporate world and become a hairdresser - which was a wonderful, creative occupation. But I ended up managing a corporate salon, and all that anxiety came rushing back.

After many years of therapy and medication, I still wasn't happy. I made the decision to take matters into my own hands, and find out what the root of my problem was. The answer? I had to change the way I viewed life and the world. My expectations were unrealistic, and I wasn't seeing life as it really was.

I've written a workbook on the subject, taken my experience in corporate training and management, and used it to obtain an IACC certification and Life Coaching, and offer the results to you. Let me help you create the life you've always wanted. All you need is the commitment to make a change.