Stephanie Boot



Stephanie Boot spent 30 years fighting addictions to drugs and alcohol and decades battling eating disorders. Today she dedicates her time to helping others through the addiction recovery process.

Stephanie writes a blog where she shares not only her personal story and experience with addictions and recovery but useful information about nutrition, alternative treatments, and holistic therapies for addiction recovery.

She is the co-host of a Youtube channel which features video blogs and interviews of others in addiction recovery and she is also the admin of a secret Facebook addiction recovery support group. Stephanie is very active in the online recovery community where she hosts daily webinars and video meetings on her Facebook group.

Her writings have been featured on addiction recovery websites and she was recently interviewed for the podcast Recovery Elevator. Stephanie is also a full-time student, currently completing a program in Holistic Nutrition. Most importantly she is a wife and mother of two daughters. Connect with her on Facebook.