Stella Ralfini

Stella Ralfini is a life coach and beauty consultant of 35 years standing. In the main, she takes a holistic approach to her work whether advising on beauty or health. Gaining much insight from her research in China, Japan and India, Stella's suggestions offer an interesting mix of proven East/West home remedies. This, however, does not mean she isn't bang up to date when it comes to the most innovative beauty treatments on the market. At 70, defying age in both face and body, she finds that more and more women flock to her to discuss their beauty needs. Describing herself as a ‘canny beauty minx' Stella prides herself on the fact she also knows where to send women for the best price beauty deals across Europe. As she says ‘Everyday women have the same right to look and feel as beautiful as their richer counterparts and my aim is to ensure they do by sourcing top therapists at the lowest prices. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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