Somraj Pokras


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  • Caltech: BS, Organic Chemistry
  • Love and Ecstacy Training: Tantric Energetics, Coaching
  • School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs
  • The Four Winds Society Shamanic Light Body School: Shamanic Energy Medicine


  • Author
  • Bodyworker
  • Sexologist
  • Pilot

Professional Accomplishments

  • Author of "Long Hot Tantric Love Making", "208 Kama Sutra Tantra Sex Positions", "Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery" and many more
  • Founder of Tantra at Tahoe


Somraj Pokras is a sexologist and Tantra teacher who's written 10 Tantric Sex books. He specializes in long-distance home study and hands-on training in the ancient secrets of Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra LoveMaking, and Supreme Bliss Tantra to free the ecstatic lover within so together you can create amazing sexual energy and spiritual connection. You can find hundreds of his free articles on his website.