Shay-lon Moss

Shay-lon Moss has been a fitness/health blogger for two years, she is currently 25 and holds a degree in exercise science. She works as a personal trainer and has experience with college athletes along with the general population.

She has written articles for editors of Muscle and Fitness Magazine and has had the pleasure of contributing articles to other online websites/blogs. Shay-lon is a sponsored athlete and competes in sports, she loves motivating people to stay fit and healthy by doing whatever it is they love to do.

When she talks about fitness/health she is talking about how to stay confident in your own skin while making positive changes towards a better lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter.

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Caffeine Can Help Improve Performance In Endurance Athletes

How Caffeine Can Help Improve Performance In Endurance Athletes?

posted in Fitness

Tons of people rely on their morning "joe" to keep them on the go and more awake, but even more so, some athletes enjoy the extra energy boost they feel after drinking a caffeinate...

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