Scott Luxor, M.S.J.

Journalist, Photographer, Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

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  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Master of Science in Journalism
  • Poynter Institute Journalism Fellowship


  • Photojournalist with metro news sources
  • Graphic Designer with Scripps Newspapers
  • Writer and Photojournalist with South Florida Sun Sentinel

Professional Accomplishments

  • Scripps Howard journalism ‘Hall of Fame’
  • National and international design awards with metro newspapers

Personal Quote

"A healthy life is a series of choices you make from early on in life through adulthood. Health is a daily practice, but it’s also an attitude toward life itself. Your food, your lifestyle, your relationships and your fitness routines all stem from a perspective that embraces longevity and a passion for a vibrant life."


Scott Luxor is a seasoned journalist who has worked at various newspapers around the country. He has a depth of experience in all aspects of the industry, including writing, photojournalism, graphic design and video.

Scott has been a healthy lifestyle practitioner and advocate since his youth. His passion was originally triggered as a teenager by his father’s life-threatening heart attack that led to a triple-bypass surgery. He began researching natural health and healthy eating practices in high school which has continued ever since.

A believer that health is a mind-body-spirit pursuit, Scott has practiced meditation, yoga, gym fitness and gained an extensive knowledge about a balanced use of natural supplements along with a vegetarian diet.

Scott focuses his articles on inspiring stories about health issues, the environment, people making a difference and future-focused solutions.

When he’s not working, Scott enjoys traveling, cycling, tennis, casual photography and volunteering to make a difference wherever he can.