Sarah Jean Baker is the founder of Australian born beauty brand, Sarah Jean. Sarah Jean includes the world's first eyelash glue that has a mascara-style applicator brush for a mess-free, easy way to apply false eyelashes at home. The chic collection includes five eyelash styles and the very handy eyelash tweezers. Sarah does not have a background in beauty but came up with the idea after she had many failed attempts to apply lashes herself. A year of research and development later, Sarah Jean was born. Prior to that, Sarah’s career was as a content writer for her boutique copywriting business. Sarah Jean is available online at, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Make Your Eyelashes Look Long & Strong – 5 Ways To Follow

When it comes to our beauty regime, our eye makeup can often be the difference between feeling just okay and feeling our prettiest. And there's no shortage of products availabl...

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