Robyn Vogel

Robyn Vogel, LMHC, psychotherapist and creator of the Come Back To Love ® Program, is certified in sex coaching, sex ed, couples therapy, tantra and energy work. Simply put, Robyn helps couples and individuals find love again by teaching them how to master the skills of intimacy and art of living a life filled with love, no matter what. She has been recognized as an expert in her field by the Boston Globe, leads Tantra retreats around the world and is the author of an upcoming book: Power of Puja: A Journey to the Heart. You can visit her, also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & Instagram.

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Reconnecting With Your Partner

Reconnecting With Your Partner & Coming Back In Love – 3 Things To Do

posted in Sex And Love

If you're in a relationship, you undoubtedly know what it's like to feel disconnected, separate and lonely despite having a partner. Of course, there are many reasons this happens...

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