Nia Shea

Nia Shea is currently a student in her local town studying Creative Media Production and hopes to go into the music or film industry. She has a strong passion for music and writing of all types, often using this passion to raise awareness of social issues and problems within society, as well as standing up for those who may not have a platform or as strong of a voice. She classes herself as a strong feminist and a mental health advocate after struggling with mental illnesses herself and wanting to make them not a 'taboo' subject. Visit her blog wonderlandsangels. You can Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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Music To Cope Mental Illness

Alleviating Mental Illnesses With The Help Of Music- 5 Ways To Know

posted in Depression

Hi, I’m Nia, and 18-year-old British student, and I write for the blog Wonderlands Angels: I write about all sorts, so it gets difficult for me to categorize it. So, when I go...

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