Megan Johnson, M.A.

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  • M.A. in Physical Education and Health
  • Doctorate in Health and Human Performance


  • Wellness Coach
  • Author
  • Natural Bodybuilder
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Professional Accomplishments

  • Author of "If you are what you eat, should I eat a skinny girl?"
  • Athlete Representative for AAU
  • Featured in The Coast News Group and A-List nation Magazine
  • Founder of Every Body's Fit Ocean Side
  • Part of the Men’s Health Magazine Fitness Council
  • Founder of Every Body's Fit Ocean Side


Megan Johnson McCullough is a NASM Master Trainer who owns a fitness studio in Oceanside CA called Every BODY’s Fit where she believes that every BODY is capable of becoming the best versions of themselves. She has a wonderful husband and her pug, Steve Nash, is the mascot at her studio. She is a very influential person, to know more about her vist her website.

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