Marie Buckner

Marie Buckner is the survivor of a near-fatal automobile accident that involved aside head-on collision. 30 years after her accident, Marie needed a total knee replacement.

She is chronicling her experiences to help others going through similar situations. She operates a website titled “Booktoots' Healing” at She is a published author with over 3000 articles written in health, fitness, business, natural foods, and other topics. She has contributed to Livestrong, Wellness Directory, eHow, and Higher Source.

Marie has also earned an advanced university degree in Business Administration, is a retired CPA, and worked in corporate America for 30+ years. She currently entertains as a solo flutist and member of local orchestras/bands.

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Staying physically active can be challenging to those of us with a total knee replacement (hereinafter known as a tkr) or joint care issues. We must remain vigilant to keep our joi...

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