Maria Faires, RD


Master Personal Trainer & Registered Dietitian

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Maria Faires is a Registered Dietitian, personal trainer, advanced health and fitness specialist, medical exercise specialist, wellness and lifestyle coach, blogger, and a freelance fitness, nutrition, and wellness writer based out of Sammamish and Issaquah, Washington.


As the owner of Active Nutrition Fitness and Consulting, Maria provides highly personalized nutrition and weight loss services, outdoor fitness and mountaineering prep, personal training, and preventative and post-rehabilitative fitness programming in her private training studio. She also provides phone and online nutrition counseling and training for remote clients.

Maria has worked as a Sports Nutritionist for several health clubs, as Chief Nutrition Educator for a health insurance company, Director of Clinical Nutrition and Food Services for a medical facility, and as Nutrition Specialist for a Weight Loss Clinic.

Her experiences in private practice include counseling for cardiac disease and prevention, food allergies, gut health, sports nutrition, pediatric nutrition, clinical nutrition, diabetes education and weight-loss.


Maria earned a Bachelor’s degree from Whitworth College in Food and Nutrition Science and is a Cum Laude graduate of Eastern Washington University with a second Bachelor’s degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics.

She is certified as a Personal Trainer and Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist by the highly regarded American Council on Exercise, and is CPR and ‘Mountain Outdoor First Aid’ certified by the Seattle Mountaineers and American Red Cross.