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Linda is a certified health coach and personal trainer with experience in helping young women through binge eating, weight loss, and the go through the diet crazies.

She is a blogger, youtuber and an expert in lifestyle coaching to help young ambitious women change their life to thrive, be bright, and life optimally joyfully.

Linda offering a free, private initial session for the first 3 who reach out at [email protected]. Or visit her on her website thefitty.

You can also connect her on YouTubeInstagram and Twitter.

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Simple Steps To Getting Rid Of Bingeing

Curbing Your Eating Spree – Simple Steps To Getting Rid Of Bingeing

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Here I was again, staring down the empty tub of peanut butter in my hands. My heart pounding, my stomach so full it was in pain, and my back with the sweaties. A wave a guilt and s...

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