Liisa Maimon

Liisa Maimon is an experienced Tantra, Yoga and meditation teacher of Somananda Tantra School. Her journey began in 2009 when she participated in her first Tantra workshop given by her beloved teacher and guru, Somananda. This catapulted her into an exciting new chapter in her life - the spiritual path. She is inspired by the life-changing power of these spiritual teachings and passes them on with great enthusiasm and love. Somananda Tantra School offers courses and retreats worldwide, including the renowned Spiritual Tantra Sexuality course. For additional literature and resources on various spiritual topics refer to her Blog, follow her YouTube channel; and connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Common Misconceptions About Tantric Sex

5 Common Misconceptions About Tantric Sex

posted in Sex And Love

With its promises of extraordinary orgasmic experiences, prolonged lovemaking sessions, and transcendent states of consciousness, tantric sex has gained considerable attention late...

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