Len Glassman


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  • Rutgers University & Seton Hall Law School: BA & JD, English


  • Fitness Bootcamp Instructor
  • Recipe Book Publisher
  • Health Advisor
  • Corporate Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant
  • Motivational Speaker

Professional Accomplishments

  • Author of "Soul Trainer"
  • Founder of PB Fitness
  • 25 Years of Experience


  • Certified Health Nutritionist


Len Glassman is a master-level personal trainer, certified health nutritionist, and studio owner with over 25 years of professional fitness experience. He is a frequent contributor to several fitness magazines including Men's Fitness and creator of the 'Fitness Fundamentals Personal Training' DVD series.

Len believes that "in order to get people to move you must create a movement, something bigger than yourself that people from all walks of life can relate to." He encourages his clients to apply passion and creativity to their workouts and to treat exercise as a form of art and expression. Visit his website for regular updates Len Glassman and Personal Best Fitness.