Lauren Dummit is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and the Clinical Director of Triune Therapy Group in Los Angeles. She is also the Co-host a weekly radio show on Talk Radio 790 KABC dedicated to the dissemination of topical information associated with sex, relationships, addiction, mental health, and related social issues. You can connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How to Handle the Impact of Sexual Trauma on Intimate Relationships?

Denise, a thirty-year-old single female, wondered if she would ever be capable of having a healthy relationship. Since she got sober from drugs and alcohol about five years ago, sh...

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Tips To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship and Fire Up Your Sex Life

Ava lied there next to Vince, wondering if he had passed out yet. “Why do men always pass out after sex? They're so selfish. Ok, got mine, checking out now! Uhhh!” ...

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