Lauren Dummit, LMFT

Co-founder/Clinical Director/Therapist


Lauren Dummit is an experienced psychotherapist in private practice in Santa Monica. She specializes in helping clients navigate the journey of recovery from trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders and behavioral addictions/compulsions.

Her unique style treats emotional discomfort and pain as an avenue for self-discovery and personal growth. As clients become better able to navigate their inner obstacles, they will rediscover their capacity to find balance and live a life that is healthy, joyful and free.

Lauren creates a comfortable atmosphere where the meaning of each individual's subjective experience is respected. She emphasizes insight, self-awareness, and empowerment to help her clients grow, learn about themselves, and lead more gratifying lives. Through an alliance of trust and collaboration, she works together with her clients to understand the meaning of symptoms.

She is flexible and holistic in her response to each person with a treatment plan that is adjusted to the uniqueness that his occurring moment to moment between her and the client and providing referrals for collaborative services when appropriate. She utilizes a Cognitive Behavioral approach to help patients learn how to manage their negative behaviors, to increase overall functioning, and to gain control over their lives.

Mindfulness and meditation also play a key role in her approach. Mindfulness focuses on the separation between thoughts and feelings. By focusing on breath or sensation in the body, one can separate their thoughts from their feelings, which can be hugely beneficial in addressing certain emotions.

Meditation is a practice to help increase mindfulness in everyday living. Having personally experienced her own journey of recovery as an adolescent and young woman, Lauren has a great deal of respect for the courage it takes to undergo the process of growth, self-discovery, and healing. She offers compassion, strength, and hope to help her clients create the life they want.

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