Lauren Ann, MS


Passionate and driven dual graduate currently pursuing full time work in health science research/communications.


Lauren has dual graduate degrees in Clinical Psychotherapy and Nutrition, espousing an integrative approach to optimizing overall health and wellness. She has extensive knowledge and passion regarding the role of nutrition science and how it pertains to neurological health, particularly for those with genetic predispositions for mental health and co-occurring disorders; the field of nutrigenomics.

Lauren views the human body through a functional biochem lens, assessing for various biomarkers that give us a clearer depiction of human health on a continuum of wellness to disease. She is very passionate about empowering others on how diet and lifestyle can favorably influence their health regardless of their genes. Lauren geeks out on the research in the emerging fields of Nutritional Psychiatry, Nutrigenomics, as well as Psychoneuroimmunology. She has worked in the field as a trauma therapist as well as with individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Lauren also has an undergraduate degree in Honors Research Psychology where she successfully completed and defended her thesis on weight perception. When she isn’t researching or writing, you can find Lauren on her bike or with her loved pup, Olls.

You can also connect with Lauren on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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