Kori Daugherty

Kori Daugherty is a freelance writer and runs the blog Kay Kizzle that features a wide range of topics spanning from beauty, relationships, music, books and fashion. She spends most of her time researching new topics for the blog and spends the remaining time reading. You can find more about her at kizzlekay.wordpress.com. Connect with her on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Love Languages

The Way You Receive Love Is Determined By Your Love Language

posted in Sex And Love

It’s the question we all want to ask, but are too shy to speak up. If you are married, or in a long term relationship that entails living with your partner, then you know the que...

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New Year Resolution

New Year New You- I Have My 2018’s Resolutions, What’s Yours?

posted in Real Stories

New Years Resolutions, you either love them, hate them, or ignore the prospect all together. I consider myself an optimistic person and look for the silver lining in most of life. ...

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Rollercoaster Ride Of Love

Rollercoaster Ride For Love: Anticipate Something Best From It!

posted in Sex And Love

Rollercoasters, we've all either been on one or watched one in motion. They are loud, fast, scary, and thrilling. It's a great analogy for relationships, they are also loud, fast, ...

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