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Kendal Williams

Kendal Williams is a real life sex and relationship educator, abundance coach, author, mother of 7 and lover of life.

She is known for her raw, authentic, passionate style in teaching and coaching. She has co-authored books with David Riklin, Dr. Joseph Cilea, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Marcus Laux, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Julian Whitaker, and Steven E.

Kendal believes that our sexuality is one of the greatest untapped areas of life and source of deeper connection and healing to our authentic selves and the creator.

You can explore her coaching and connect to her at [email protected].You can visit her Website and find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Most Recent Articles

santa tips holiday

Ooh La La! Here Comes Santa’s 6 Sexy Tips For This Christmas Holiday

posted in Sex And Love

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, But the sexing is so delightful. And since we've got no place to go, Let Us Cum! Let Us Cum! Let Us Cum! Oh, we don’t show signs of stopping...

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Long-Term Sexual Fulfillment In Your Relationship

How To Bring Long-Term Sexual Fulfillment In Your Relationship?

posted in Sex And Love

Desire. Mystery. Intimacy. Trust. Acceptance. Growth. In almost a decade of working with couples, I have certainly heard a bunch of tales. Most of which are sad and all too normal...

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Sex Reasons

Find 10 Amazing Reasons Why Your Body Craves For Regular Sex?

posted in Sex And Love

Lately I have been going on a lot of dates. Dating is always a fascinating experience to me as it seems that we humans are always looking for one thing through it. Connection. Bet ...

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Your Sex Life Is Only As Old As You Feel - By Kendal Williams

Your Sex Life Is Only As Old As You Feel – By Kendal Williams

posted in Real Stories

Sky Diving. Swimming with sharks. Skinny dipping. Dancing naked on the beach under the moon and stars. Having sex on the hood of your car while a concert lets out. Say What? Who do...

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Finger Techniques for Intense Climaxes

6 Explosive Finger Techniques for Unforgettable Climax

posted in Female Sexual Health

Using your fingers to stimulate a woman's vagina can give her feelings of intense pleasure. This sensitive area is full of tiny nerve endings that are capable of giving her amazin...

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Sex Lies Women Tell Their Partners In Bed

10 Worst Sex Lies Women Tell in Relationship

posted in Sex And Love

Ever wondered what she may be lying to you about and why? In the last decade of working with couples and especially with hundreds of female clients, I have discovered some of the k...

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Women Fake Orgasam

This Is When Women Fake Orgasms The Most

posted in Female Sexual Health

“There I stand looking in the mirror as I brush my teeth. I am noticing how frumpy I look and exhausted I feel at this hour but, even more so I find myself frustrated and overwhe...

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