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Kate Harveston

Kate Harveston is a journalist who covers health, healthcare, science and politics. She holds a degree in Professional Writing and is pursuing further education in nutrition.

If you like her work, you can visit her at her health blog, So Well, So Woman.

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Most Recent Articles

paleo vegan diet

How to Maintain a Paleo Diet as a Vegan

posted in Weight Loss

Paleo Diet for Vegans If you follow any kind of food and nutrition news, you know that two of the biggest diet trends today are the Paleo and vegan diets. At seemingly opposite en...

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Eye Health

10 Healthy and All-Natural Foods to Eat for Better Eye Health

posted in General Health

As the saying goes, eyes are the windows to people's internal and external worlds. Given how much most people rely on their eyesight for doing everything from navigating to work i...

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Athlete Drinking Water

10 Healthy Ways to Reduce Water Retention

posted in General Health

Who enjoys trying to button their favorite pair of jeans only to find fastening them roughly as easy as trying to fit a basketball through the eye of a needle? Everyone experience...

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hormone balancing foods

12 Hormone Balancing Foods That Are All-Natural and Healthy

posted in General Health

Many people overlook hormonal issues when evaluating why they suffer from various health woes. Hormones serve as the human body's computer processor, telling organs and cells what ...

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