Kate Atkinson

Yoni Mapping Therapist, Sex Educator

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  • Women's Holistic Pelvic Health Care Specialist
  • Yoni Mapping Therapist
  • Embodiment & Pleasure Coach
  • Sex Educator


Kate Atkinson, is a Women's Holistic Pelvic Health Care Specialist, Yoni Mapping Therapist, Embodiment & Pleasure Coach and Sex Educator.

Aptly named in business as 'The Pleasure Nerd', Kate has an interesting approach to the inner workings of female pelvic physiology, sexual response and self-care, with her unique way of working she brings spirituality and science together.

Passionate about all things woman, Kate was inspired to originally take this career path after her own journey with pleasure, sexuality and pelvic health.

Originally from the UK, Kate now lives as a minimalist in Australia in the Tiny House that she built with her partner, here they enjoy a simple yet greatly fulfilling life together.

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