Joseph Christiano, ND, CNC, CNHP

Joseph Christiano, ND, CNC, CNHP, is a naturopathic doctor, certified nutritional counselor, and a certified nutritional health professional through Trinity College of Natural Health. Dr. Joe has spent more than 50 years both personally and professionally in natural health, including exercise/diet, pain management, anti-aging, and stem cell therapies and treatments.

He is president and founder of Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano®, and best-selling author of Bloodtypes, Bodytypes, and YOU, among others. His new book, Stem Cell Revolution, describes how stem cell therapies, treatments, and activators are becoming game changers in the world of natural health.

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Stem Cell Therapy: A New Approach To Heal Your Body

posted in General Health

Rapid change is occurring all around us, and we continually witness “disruptive” technologies replacing conventional, common place practices over the span of only a few years. ...

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Blood Pressure Charts

Blood Pressure Chart Reading – What You Need To Know

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Blood Pressure Overview Blood pressure, at times called arterial blood pressure or simply, BP, is the pressure experienced by the walls of the body’s blood vessels due to the act...

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Ultrasound Cavitation

Does Ultrasonic Cavitation (UCRF) Really Work For Cellulite?

posted in Cellulite Center

After puberty, roughly 90 percent of women start to develop cellulite according to Scientific American. Known for causing dimples in the skin, cellulite typically occurs on the lo...

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