Jason Vredenburg, RD

Registered Dietitian | Nutritionist

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  • Master's degree in Integrative Health
  • B.A.Sc in Keene State College


  • Freelance Writer


Jason Vredenburg is a nutrition writer with over twenty years of experience as a Registered Dietitian. He has researched and written numerous articles on diet, exercise, weight loss, nutrition, men's and women’s health.

Throughout his career he maintained a passion for health promotion, reading everything he can on the subject, and lending his down-to-earth, friendly voice to health articles, wellness blogs, and newsletters.

In 2012, He completed a master's degree in Integrative Health. He truly wants everyone to be as happy and healthy as possible.

Jason puts a great deal of emotional intelligence when offering writing and communication services. More so, he's passionate about nutrition counseling, and web marketing.

Jason hones his degrees in creative writing and history along with his background in fitness to craft articles about health, nutrition, supplements, and weight loss.