Jane Bernard

Jane Bernard is an original thinker passionate about the role of Sensual Thinking to unite people for the greater good. Logical, creative and inspiring, Jane's easy-going combination of common sense and originality is a real eye-opener. Through her eyes, we see ourselves differently. She has degrees in Philosophy and Special Education and three decades of Rinzai Zen practice. Jane is the author of 4 books about intuitive thinking, has been on TV and radio and is currently creating Curious#Happenings. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Sensual Thinking

How To Sense Your Inborn Sensuality To stay Hale And Hearty

posted in General Health

Sensing spontaneously guides choices that feel safe and smart. Sensual thinking is the organic way we refresh our mind to recognize progress and direction. Every time you choos...

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