Jamie Thompson


Holographic Sex & Intimacy Coach

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  • Studied at Tantra & Sexual Arts
  • Studied at ISTA - International School of Temple Arts
  • Studied at Dr. Karl Wolfe - Authentic University
  • Studied at Sensual Embodiment Training


  • Founder of Awakened Woman
  • Intimate Awakening LLC
  • Holistic Sex & Intimacy Guide

Personal Quote

"“I live for the moment when a client discovers their true range. When they transcend the habit of limitation and taste their full, embodied potential. I am in devotion to the realization of the truth of our erotic nature. To be turned on, is to be alive. I serve the turn on within you and all human beings.”"


Jamie Thompson guides entrepreneurial and influential couples (and some singles) in creating their relationship as the springboard for holistic success. This is not some fluffy, sanitized, run-of-the-mill consulting service.

Jamie is a loving laser beam that objectively sees right through you, cutting to the core of your issues with a highly customized, engaging, action/result focused approach.

How about having fun along the way? Jamie Thompson Relationship & Sex Coach for Entrepreneurs. You can also visit her Website jamieelizabeththompson.com