Helen Chow

Helen Chow is a Naturopath, Herbalist. Helen runs several health blogs. She likes using food as therapy and is working on a new blog on this. She has a gift ebook for you to Sugar The Sweet Poison. She runs Health Sufi and GrillFat. You can connect with her on Facebook.

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Cycling Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Top 6 Ways How Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Prevented Due To Cycling

posted in Male Sexual Health

Which man doesn’t like cycling? Cycling is not only a very enjoyable and sociable sport, it is also associated with with being ‘cool’, and an ‘in’ thing to do. And yo...

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sugar linked cancer

How sugar is linked to cancer?

posted in General Health

Sugar and cancer …? Don’t laugh. They’re partners in crime. And with Christmas and New Year festivities and parties round the corner, we will be indulging in food laden with ...

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