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Heidi Doheny Jay

Heidi Doheny Jay was born outside of Philadelphia, PA and discovered her love of writing while living in upstate NY. She has a degree in Psychology and holds a Master's degree from Syracuse University.

She is based out of Philadelphia, PA and enjoys taking ballet class several days a week, staying healthy, and adoring her rescued Blue Nose Pit bull, Lola Falana. She is the author of the book-"Confessions of 400 Men: True Revelations of Lust, Fidelity, Feelings & Fantasy", available on Amazon.

Visit her websites-www.HeidiDoheny.com and www.confessionsof400men.com, also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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5 Things About Sex and Lust You Just Might Be Wrong About

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Human life is the story of how seldom lust and sex go together. Lust can be different for each person and the variation between slightly intense versus extreme can be rather wide. ...

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