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Harvey Schwartz, is the author. Recently, he published a tell-all paperback memoir, The Sweet & Sour Disease: Emotionally Managing Diabetes (Amazon) in his tongue and cheek style of writing. An Audible and iTunes release is scheduled for November. Harvey is currently working on a second book.

Harvey has served as the Ohio Division Chief Operating Officer for the American Cancer Society and as Executive Director of Ohio University's medical school graduate medical education consortium, which comprised 20 of the leading hospitals in the state. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Master of Business Administration degree from The University of Toledo.

He has cared about quality of life for a long time, as evidenced by a paper he presented about formulating a Quality of Life index for geographic communities. To reach Harvey, contact him at: [email protected].

You can also follow his website's social channel- Instagram. He is available for workshop facilitation and motivational presentations.You can also connect with Harvey on LinkedIn.

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