Evelyn Baker


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About Evelyn

Evelyn Baker was born in Saarland Germany. She migrated to Canada with her parents in 1994. Met her husband and fell in love at first sight; they had a family and started a successful business together. Evelyn is a devoted humanitarian that loves everyone and has a big heart for animals.

Evelyn's Fight Against Life

Evelyn is a mother of three children while being in the midst of running the office of an industrial roofing company. At the height of Evelyn’s life journey, her beloved husband Rob was stricken with cancer. Many people may have given up, but Evelyn decided to fight.

Through all her research most of the articles and documentary’s suggested that a plant-based diet reduces and can eliminate tumors. Evelyn has started an almost vegan diet for her and Rob, the only thing that they consume that is not vegan is organic eggs from happy chickens. Evelyn composes a blog daily mapping out her journey with the cancer updates and the plant-based diet that will hopefully save her family. You can donate for them here: www.gofundme.com