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Emily Runzi is a young entrepreneur with a passion for physical and mental wellbeing. After losing half of her body weight (220-110lbs), Emily started her business: Zenith Fitness and Wellbeing, which aims to help others lose weight, stay fit and become happier and healthier people.

When she isn’t pioneering a new approach to weight loss or inventing new ways to bring more mindfulness into everyday life, she likes to spend time playing with her Pug and Mini Foxie, practice meditation and stretch herself to perfect challenging yoga poses.

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Eating Habit

220 to 110lbs: What I Ate To Cut My Body Weight

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I weighed 220lbs at the start of this year and I now only weigh 110lbs. This is what I ate to lose half of my body weight and keep it off. From my experience, dieting for weight ...

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