Elysia Skye


Corporate Mindfulness Consultant & Coach

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Elysia Skye began teaching meditation and mindfulness to teens and young adults as a method of disease prevention. She has since gone on to educate large corporations about the powerful effects of mindfulness in the workplace and in recruiting new talent.

Elysia is also an advocate for mindful eating, a technique she learned through the UCLA Mindful Awareness Practice classes. Her meditations range from guided visualizations to energy healing and chakra balancing. Many of her high profile clients seek her guidance on daily mindfulness and meditation techniques to handle their busy lifestyle.

Follow her on Twitter, IG, and Facebook for inspirational quotes, podcasts, and more @elysiaskye. To book Elysia for a private session or corporate workshop, visit www.elysiaskyewellness.com. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.