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Eileen Lamb

I’m Eileen, mother of two little boys, Charlie (5) and Jude (2 1/2). Charlie has severe nonverbal autism. I have high-functioning autism, also known as Asperger’s syndrome, which gives me a unique perspective on the subject.

I hopes to raise autism awareness and want readers of my blog, The Autism Cafe, to better understand the many facets of autism. I was born and raised in France and have been living in Texas for 6 years with my husband and two kids.

I have a degree in Literature and Foreign Languages from a French University and really enjoy writing. In my free time, I like photography and styling outfits for my two boys. You can connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.

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What You Need To Know About Autism

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There's a lot of misinformation about the diagnosis label of autism. I often hear things that are hurtful like, "you don't look autistic", or "are you sure Charlie has autism? He's...

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