Eileen Cotter Wright


Travel Journalist & Blogger | Digital Marketing Specialist | Content Creator

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  • Bachelor's, Journalism/Mass Communications - St. Bonaventure University


  • Owner/Founder - Pure Wander
  • Freelance Travel Journalist, Writer and Blogger
  • Blog Owner/Editor - Crooked Flight
  • Senior Copywriter - Vantage Deluxe World Travel
  • Project Manager - Untethered Media
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Content Creator

Professional Accomplishments

  • Author of "Pure Wander"
  • Founder of The Bon-Vivant Girl


Eileen has taken her extensive background in traditional journalism and applied it to current day new media industry trends. For more than a decade, she now consults with digital marketing agencies, PR firms and travel businesses/brands on how to best work with influencers and have innovative promotional campaigns.

She is an expert at social media strategy and SEO for travel and lifestyle brands, growing her own two travel sites to more than 100,000 followers in three years. Contact her for freelance writing opportunities, social media management opportunities, project management, and marketing campaigns.

You can check out her personal blog Pure Wander, where she writes about her traveling experience and traveling tips.

You may contact her at her website: Crooked Flight, and you can also follow her on her social media handles.