Dr. Suzi Hall, Ph.D

Researcher/ Scholar / Director of Music, Arts and Philosophical Listening

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  • Flinders University - Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Humanities
  • Flinders University - BA (Hons 1A), English (Creative Writing)


  • Global Listening Centre: Director
  • Consumer Health Digest: Contributing Writer
  • Advanced Pruning: Gardener
  • Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital: Research Assistant
  • Bantaba Binde: Djembe Drummer

Licenses & Certifications

  • LinkedIn: The Six Morning Habits of High Performers
  • LinkedIn: Improving Your Listening Skills
  • LinkedIn: Overcoming Procrastination


Dr. Suzi Hall, Ph.D. is an evidence-based researched writer currently living in Adelaide, South Australia.

She has published three books of poetry, exegesis and other prose available on lulu.com and two poetry chapbooks available on Amazon (both Kindle and paperback editions) at Amazon.

Both websites are due to be soon revised and updated to include a rewritten book version of Dr. Hall's Ph.D. thesis, "Edmond Jabes's 'Infinite', 'Exploded' Book."