Dr. Sue Cornbluth

Dr. Sue Cornbluth is a certified parenting expert and coach with international recognition, specializing in high conflict situations.

She is a regular contributor as a mental health expert for network television stations including NBC, Fox and CBS. She has contributed to several national publications and has written a best-selling book, "Building Self Esteem in Children and Teens Who Are Adopted or Fostered".

Dr. Sue currently hosts a weekly radio broadcast, The Dr. Sue Show. The Dr. Sue Show focuses on parenting topics. It was recently honored as one of the Top 100 podcasts in the world by the Huffington Post. Tune in to Stream City Radio on http://www.streamcity.org/dr-sue-show to listen.

For more information, or to contact Dr. Sue directly, visit her website www.drsueandyou.com or contact her agent, David Brunner at (484) 695-5187. You can also follow her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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