Dr. Serena Goldstein, ND


Dr. Serena Goldstein is a Naturopathic Doctor in NYC who specializes in hormone concerns such as weight, low energy, stress, PMS, peri/menopause, and andropause through nutrition, homeopathy, natural supplements, and botanical medicine. Dr. Serena also has a special focus on hormone and thyroid health, main hurdles to weight loss efforts, as she tailors her plans around mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, and appropriate natural therapies in an integrative approach to addressing the mind-body connection.

Dr. Serena has appeared on MindBodyGreen, Shape, Well + Good, Sirius XM Radio, participated in a research poster session at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium, spoken at places like the American Cancer Society and National University of Natural Medicine (Endocrinology conference), and is on the Advisory Board of Natural Practitioner Magazine.

Dr. Serena plans her work around her fun (a philosophy since middle school), where she enjoys regular time at the gym, in search of a new favorite Mexican restaurant, at a sports bar watching football, or on a road trip visiting small towns connecting with nature. Learn simple top tips to finally lose weight for good & feel more balanced here!

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.