Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook

Sex Educator - Consultant - Lecture - Columnist - Clinical Sexologist

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  • Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) - Doctor of Human Sexuality, Sexuality


  • Clinical Sexologist - Self Employed·Self-employed
  • Director - Sex Positive Utah Sex
  • Chapter Lead - Sex Positive Los Angeles
  • Educator - Sex Positive World
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  • Surrogate Partner Therapist - Center for Sexuality Counseling
  • Educator - Reid About Sex


Twitter instagram linkedin Mother of 8; Grandmother of 4; Wife of 1; Lover of Many; Over the years, and in addition to required coursework, Dr. Laurie has purposely exposed herself to many sexual situations which many in our society would find controversial. She believes that experiential learning, first-hand exposure, and direct conversation offer the greatest understanding of others.

Dr. Laurie works with clients in areas of sexuality that include, but are not limited to, BDSM; Polyamory; Swinging; Fetish; and Sex Work; These are areas that she has not only studied academically but has lived experience as well. With an undergrad in Psychology, Laurie went on to earn her Doctorate in Human Sexuality.

In addition to seeing individual clients, she also leads one of the country's largest Sex Positive social groups, Sex Positive LA, where there is an emphasis on embracing the beauty of our sexual differences through education, discussion groups and social events.

To reach Dr. Bennett-Cook: Email – [email protected], Phone – 530.228.9119, find her on: about.me/kinkucation and connect with her on her social media handles.