Dorctorate in Oriental Medicine

Dr. Helen Hu

Dr. Helen Hu has compiled and revealed hundreds of Traditional Chinese Food Therapy prescriptions in her new book: "Chinese Food Therapy R x for Self-Healing (Volume I)". These natural recipes are then clearly organized and paired with systemic disorders utilizing the integration of both Western and Eastern diagnostic approaches.

“Chinese Food Therapy RX for Longevity and Beauty (Volume II)” not only provides hundreds of natural recipes to promote well-being and beauty but is the collection of thousands of years of wisdom relating to the core questions of how to best achieve well-being and longevity. The book can be purchased at Apple iTunes & Google Play Books. Please follow her on Linkedin and visit Dr. Hu’s website: www.bodywithoutmystique.com

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How Much Effective Is Chinese Medicine to Treat the Third Condition?

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The Third Condition is neither a new concept nor a new condition; it is just a new name given for a commonly seen disorder that has been around since the evolution of mankind. Thi...

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