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With over 500 published stories, veteran journalist Doc Lawrence is a recognized observer of travel, cultural tourism, elevated lifestyles, food, the arts, fishing, wines and spirits. A former publisher and editor of The Nationwide News, his career includes radio broadcasting (host of Your Atlanta Gourmet), public relations and television production. He is a columnist for Design & Build Magazine, Wine and Spirits production consultant for the new television cooking series Thyme for Sharing with Lara Lyn Carter (Georgia Public Broadcasting), radio co-host of Southern Ways, the gourmet lifestyles editor for TTW Magazine (San Antonio), a columnist for multiple newspapers and magazines, a contributing editor for ITI Marketing, a contributing writer for Georgia Magazine and Collinson Media and founding editor of Wines Down South. His new book, Southern Thymes Shared (Pelican Publishing, hardcover 2014) is co-authored with TV celebrity chef Lara Lyn Carter. Doc’s next book showcases interesting people and places in the South and will be published in late spring, 2015. Doc resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Member: Atlanta Press Club, South Florida International Press Club, Knights of Wine Society, IFWTWA. You can follow him on: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter

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Consumer Health Digest

Alzheimer’s Research: Rotary’s Cart Fund Leads the Way

Increasingly, Alzheimer’s is part of America’s vernacular, an item of casual curiosity to some, but a discussion topic that often strikes a degree of fear in an aging population. And with good reason, according to the Alzheimer’s Association and research foundation organizations like the CART Fund. “Over 5.5 million Americans are now victims of Alzheimer’s disease (AD),” said Bill Shillito, the executive...

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Kitchen Self-reliance: Therapeutic Cooking

Cooking at home derived from a love of wine and the pleasure of grilling outdoors. Wine was part of my career as a journalist but became a new hobby that I still pursue. Grilling was easy and over the years I expanded and became more daring. Nothing was confined just celebrations like Fourth of July gatherings. Almost by accident, I was publishing columns about wine and grilling, something I’ve continued with increased frequency...

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