Divine Grace Buszka


Healer - Intuitive - Channeler - Author

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Divine Grace Buszka is a spiritual teacher, life coach, and energy healer. Her life-long passion is spirituality and self-awareness. She hopes to empower others to live a life of fulfillment and joy by transforming one's self from being in a state of fear to a state of love.

In A Little Bit of Grace: A Spiritual Memoir, she shares her lifelong quest to find fulfillment and happiness. From a dramatic birth in a typhoon-whipped, rural town in the Philippines, to San Diego and the South of France, we ride with Divine Grace on the rollercoaster of awareness and denial of one's power.

In this coming-of-wisdom memoir, peppered with insight, we come to understand; You cannot learn to love yourself if you're unwilling to know yourself. A Little Bit of Grace will inspire you to look within to find happiness. You can reach her at www.divinegracetoday.com.