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David Hall B.A. MS is a freelance health researcher and writer with 15 years experience within health services research in the U.K. and USA. Tired of research being seen as nerdy, David uses his research skills and fresh writing style to breathe life into any health subject. His aim is simple: To dig deep into current credible health research and present a call for action from his readers. Beware! If you read something by David, he will expect you to do something. He currently lives in the U.K. with his wife and son.

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Consumer Health Digest

Top 10 People Most at Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency

Do you suffer from unexplained tiredness? Waking up with unaccountable aches and pains that just seem to linger on? If you answered yes then you may have Vitamin D deficiency and you wouldn’t be alone. An estimated 75% of U.S. adults are reported to have mild or severe Vitamin D deficiency. More people than ever are estimated to be deficient in this vital ‘vitamin’, putting them at risk of developing cancer, diabetes and heart...

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