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Advanced Integrative Medicine Authority ,Author ,Media Contributor ,Global Speaker,Healthcare Educator, HealthPreneur

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Dr. Akoury is the founder and Medical Director of The AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Dr. Dalal Akoury practices, Cellular, Anti-Aging, Functional, Regenerative, Sexual, Cellular and Metabolic Medicine. She Concentrates on Women Health and Rejuvenation, Integrative Addictive treatment, Integrative Cancer treatment, Healthy Aging, Age Management and lifestyle medicine, nutrition, and fitness.

She is a Fellowship trained and certified in Integrative Cancer, Anti- Dr. Akoury is not only a living proof of the benefits of Stress relief, diet and exercise but she is also a medical expert guiding audiences in understanding stress relief. Dr.Dalal Akoury’s mission is to help change lives. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, http://www.awaremed.com

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