Colin Radcliffe

Mental Health Advocate and Public Speaker

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  • Hartshead high


  • CDD SERVICES LIMITED: Development and Innovation Partner
  • Radacol ltd: Director
  • World Health Innovation Summit: Ambassador


Colin Radcliffe is the creator of DE-press-ON, a patient voice for ORCHA, and an ambassador for World Health Innovation Summit. Colin is a 42 year old family man, married to Jenny and has a son aged 4 jack. Colin currently works in retail management for a large international company.

A year ago Colin has was diagnosed with clinical depression and acute anxiety. This was after many years of trying to deal with these conditions alone. During therapy, Colin came up with an idea for an app based on his experience. After talking to many people regarding his idea he realized that an app of this type was much needed and could benefit many people, Colin has used his journey through his condition to find a new strength and new direction and believes that these conditions can be used to help people find themselves and improve there life's.

Colin not only wants his app to help people but also wants to help others in his situation to realise that depression isn't the end but could very well be the beginning of a new brighter life for people. Colin also wants to help end the stigma that surrounds these conditions.