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Born in 1969 she is one of five children born to Frances and James Dunlea. She is a carer and devoted to her mom Frances. Her father died of lung cancer in 2016, who she nursed until his death at home. After doing her Leaving Cert in 1987, she went straight not studying Arts.

In 1990 she graduated with an honours BA. In 1992 she graduated with an Honours Masters degree. She has worked in Waterstones and Easons as a bookseller and book buyer and various academic libraries as a cataloguer and information professional. She taught and corrected state exams for a few years but grew to love academic research and moved into librarianship. She studied for an honours B.Soc.Science degree in library and information science and in 2002 she was awarded an honours degree.

In 2005 her mom had two strokes. She was given 2 weeks to live 11 years later she is still alive and living at home with Annette. The love and attention she gets at home in second to none. In 2006 Annette published her first book: The Honey Trap, and in 2007 she published her second book Always and Forever. For the next few years, she wrote various newspaper articles. Lately, she has been busy caring for her mom, but she still manages to write for a couple of hours every day of her life.

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