Angela Ash

Angela Ash is a professional writer and editor, specializing in health and self-growth topics. Her additional related content may be found at Mentegram. Angela is also the Content Manager for Mentegram, a mental healthcare technology company that is bridging the gap between patients and their therapists.

They have helped over 200 therapists provide better care to more than 1,500 patients. You can find Angela on her website and follow her on Facebook and Linkedin.

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Things Therapists Ought To Tell Their Patients

Which Things Therapists Ought To Tell Their Patients?

posted in General Health

You're a therapist, which means that you're a true professional. You value the rapport that you build with each one of your patients, and you handle each case and every situation w...

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Find The Therapist Thats Right For You

What Are The 4 Proven Ways To Find The Therapist That’s Right For You?

posted in General Health

Finding the right therapist can make all the difference when it comes to your treatment. When it comes to therapy, there are different techniques used, and finding the treatment pl...

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