Amy Scott Grant

Bestselling Author, Executive Coach/Consultant

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Amy Scott Grant

Bestselling Author, Executive Coach/Consultant


  • MBA, Management from the University of PhoenixUniversity of Phoenix.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Management from Loyola University New Orleans.


  • Executive Coach.
  • Bestselling Author.
  • Professional Speaker.
  • Multi-Bestselling Author.
  • Master Intuitive Healer.
  • Irreverently Entertaining Speaker.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Thought Leader of the Year, Finalist - Issued by Celebrity Publishing ยท Jan 2013.
  • Bestselling Author for Co-authored bestselling book "Change Agents" featuring Brian Tracy.
  • Author - Get Grounded: Learn to Ground Your Energy and Instantly Feel More Calm, Centered, and Peaceful.
  • Author - 2017 Boom: Change Your Year, Change Your Life.
  • Author - Patterns of Purpose.


Using a variety of her own sourced techniques, she assist people in permanently clearing blocks, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

In addition to spiritual healing and mentoring, she is a bestselling author, public speaker, and mother of three.

She works with entrepreneurs, creative types, healers, and personal development junkies who are ready to move into their life's work in a powerful and impactful way. From time to time I also work with small business owners as a marketing consultant.

Learn more here: AskAmyAnything and explore a session to see what she can do for you.