Alister Bredee

Wellness Consultant & Coach

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  • Howell College: Holistic Health, Clinical Nutrition, Iridology, Clinical Kinesiology, Homeopathy and Traditional Medicine
  • St. Martin's College: Bachelor's degree, Psychology and Education
  • Universal Life Church: Doctor of Divinity
  • Alternativa Medicina: Doctor of Medicine - MD
  • University of Lausanne - UNIL: Diplome en Pedagogie


  • Health Ambit Consultancy: Senior Partner, Wellness Consultant and Coach
  • Owner:
  • Absolute Sanctuary: Detox manager and Wellness Consultant
  • Health Oasis Resort: Therapist
  • Health Oasis Resort in Thailand: Therapist
  • Ramkhamhaeng University: Teacher of English
  • IAAMT: Administrator
  • Natural Solutions: Owner



  • IAAMT: EFT Practitioner
  • Howell College: Holistic Medicine


He has been working in the field of complementary medicine for 24 years. In 1986 set out on a glorious journey to learn and grow in this field. This journey took in many venues. These include kinesiology, hypnotherapy, Holistic Medicine, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Reiki, Hawaiian Huna, EFT, and the Meridian Energy Techniques including TAT and BSFF.

He developed his own meridian technique called AMBIT. He wrote a book on Meridian Energy Techniques called "Full Circle". He served as Administrator of the Irish Association for the Advancement of Meridan Energy Techniques. He worked with "Today's Therapist magazine" on their roadshow program introducing EFT to the UK.

He moved to Thailand in 2005 and completed my book "Energy Essence and Attractor Fields" in 2006. In 2007 thanks to the instigation of Graham Rowe he joined Health Oasis Resort in Koh Samui where he worked using EFT, TAT and did some nutritional counseling.

In 2008 he joined Absolute Sanctuary as Detox Manager and Wellness Consultant. He ran the detox and fasting programs, offering nutritional support and emotional counseling.

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