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Alexandra is a Sex Educator (Sexpert), hypnotherapist, confidence and intimacy coach and real life (sexual) adventures. She is known for her honest, passionate and authentic teaching and coaching style. She believes being in alignment with your true sexual self, following your desires will create the life you truly deserve and crave for.

She works with women helping them to heal, express, liberate and empower thought tantra and self-love. Her mission is to heal the world, one orgasm at a time. You can learn more about her coaching at and connect with her via Twitter & Instagram.

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X-rated Material Watching

Does Watching Sexually Explicit Material Causes Couple To Split?

posted in Sex And Love

In today's fast-paced technological developing world adult literature has never been easier to access. Some sexually explicit material Statistics (in the U.S) 40 million adults i...

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Tantra Tips

These 5 Tantra Tips Will Enliven Your Body Before Sex

posted in Sex And Love

In today's modern society so many people have been living in their bodies disconnected from their true authentic self. Their desires and pleasures are forgotten and it makes them m...

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