Alan Levi

Alan Levi is an expert in the field of hormonal optimization as well as a personal trainer specializing in fat loss. He has trained under Olympic Coach Charles Poliquin, where he became one of the few trainers in the UK to qualify as a Level II Biosignature Practitioner and has also trained under kettlebell and hormonal optimization expert, Mike Mahler. He has also trained in a private internship on fat loss with Charles Poliquin at his Olympic facility in Rhodes Island. He has qualified as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Master Practitioner - the system devised by Gary Craig to eliminate negative and limiting beliefs by utilizing tapping on major acupressure points. The system has many gold standard studies behind it to support its efficacy. He firmly believes that "success in health and fitness must incorporate an analysis of stress levels, gut health, vitamin and mineral status, sleep and recovery in order to achieve outstanding results." Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter; website.

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Estrogen Dominance

What Is Estrogen Dominance? How To Prevent It

posted in General Health

Oestrogen dominance refers to the condition whereby oestrogen production exceeds that of progesterone and testosterone. The resultant imbalance of the bodies hormonal homeostasi...

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