Adrian Allan

Adrian Allan is a self-taught fitness enthusiast who has a passion for keeping in shape as well as staying in good health. From childhood, through his teenage years to the present Adrian, has participated in various sporting activities ranging from Rugby, Athletics, Soccer, Junior American Football (The Valley Colts UK based who in 1986 became the first UK JAFFA League Champions which became defunct two years later) to Outdoor training. Owing to the changing circumstances in his career path as well as the economic climate, Adrian, researched and employed various cost-effective methods for alternatives in preserving his health, fitness, and wellbeing to counteract the stresses of daily life. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Workout Routine

Get A Simple And Easy Tips To Add Workout In Your Routine

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Starting a training routine on a regular basis can sometimes feel like an arduous task. Deciding where, how, who to train with, ascertaining the costs of a training session/ gym m...

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